World Safety and Health Day #SHWDAY

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It’s always important to revise safety and health in the work place, and what better day to do so! Today is World Day for Safety & Health, now more than ever it is crucial we are following the guidelines for being safe and healthy at work especially due to COVID! But COVID isn’t what I want to talk about today, I think I can say for everyone here that I am SO bored of hearing about it now.

If you have ever had any sort of soft toy or certain products, you might’ve realised it has a tag with the letters ‘CE’ on it, and I bet you’ve wondered what it actually means. I will reveal all the secrets, so stay tuned…

The low down is that CE stands for Conformite Europeenne. Since 1993, CE is a conformity mark that is used by toy manufacturers to show that their products meet all the relevant consumer safety, health or environmental requirements of the European Directive making all our soft toys suitable for all ages!

A few of the standards these toys have to meet are included in the Toy Safety Directive, these are things such as: mechanical and physical properties, flammability requirements, migration of certain elements (i.e., permitted levels of lead, cadmium, etc.), experimental sets for chemistry and related activities, chemical toys other than experimental sets and a pictogram for age warning labelling. I also want to add that our toys are 100% fully insured too.

And that is just a few of the tests our toys have to go through before we even meet these cuties! Anyhow, now the boring stuff is over let’s talk about the company and our promise itself. The safety of all our toys is paramount and we endeavour to ensure it is a priority. We understand how much our toys can mean to our customers as sometimes they are given to new-born’s and grow up with them! We take so much pride in the love and care we have for our products to ensure they are up to the highest standards. We promise to make sure that all our little cuties are safe, extra fluffy and soft for you especially making them the perfect gift for all our lovely customers!

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