Eco Friendly Baby Names

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If you are familiar with my company, you will know that we cater for all types of occasions such as the birth of a baby! So, if you or a loved one are expecting, I have some food for a thought as we’re on the topic – Eco Friendly Baby Names. They are becoming extremely popular over the past couple of years, I will be listing the top 20 for boys and girls (2020).

Top 20 Names Eco Friendly Names for Girls

  1. Luna – Derived from Latin luna (moon)
  2. Aurora – Derived from the Roman goddess of dawn
  3. Isla – ‘Island’ in Spanish
  4. Hazel – The hazel tree
  5. Ivy – The climbing evergreen plant
  6. Iris – ‘Rainbow’ in Greek
  7. Rose – The fragrant flower rose
  8. Violet – The purple/blue flower
  9. Aria – ‘Air’ in Italian
  10. Chloe – ‘Blooming’ in Greek
  11. Willow – The English willow tree
  12. Poppy – Latin origin meaning ‘red flower’
  13. Stella – ‘Star’ from Latin and Italian origin
  14. Lily – The lily flower
  15. Jasmine – The jasmine flower
  16. Ruby – The gemstone ruby
  17. Olive – English origin meaning ‘olive tree’
  18. Eden – Intimations of paradise from the Bible
  19. Daisy – The daisy flower
  20. Jade – The ornamental stone jade

Top 20 Eco Friendly Names for Boys

  1. Oliver – English origin meaning ‘olive tree’
  2. Jasper – The gemstone jasper
  3. Leo – ‘Lion’ in Greek
  4. Kai – ‘Sea’ in Hawaiian
  5. Atlas – An ancient God who carried the entire world on his shoulders
  6. Rowan – The rowan tree
  7. Phoenix – Immortal bird from Greek mythology
  8. Brooks – ‘Stream’ in old English
  9. River – A stream of water that flows to the sea
  10. Orion – A constellation of stars
  11. Ash – The ash tree
  12. Aidan – Derived from ‘aodáhn’ which means ‘fiery’ in Gaelic
  13. Zephyr – ‘West wind’ in Greek
  14. Fox – The fox animal
  15. Basil – Derived from the B-S-L root
  16. Wolf – From the German name ‘adalwolf’ meaning ‘noble wolf’
  17. Forest – From French origin meaning ‘woodsman or woods’
  18. Wren – Small brown songbird
  19. Jett – Black gemstone
  20. Pierce – Derived from the Greek word ‘petrós’ meaning ‘rock’

Of those considering giving their baby an eco-friendly name, 39% said they would do so because ‘they are pretty’, whilst 22% said that they ‘like the meaning behind them.’ Interestingly, 21% said they would do so because ‘it’s trendy’ and 18% because they ‘follow an eco-friendly lifestyle’.

If you are expecting a new family member soon, why not suggest a name from the list above?! Don’t forget if you’re wanting to give them a gift to remember, check out our Etsy shop and we will work out magic! 😊

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