It All Started When . . . .

________________________________________________________________________________________________________ best friend announced she was getting married a few years ago. I'm sure you all know this feeling, after searching far and wide for the perfect gift I just couldn't find anything special enough for her or to honour the occasion, so I decided to make my own personalised frame. After She received my gift she posted a picture of it on Facebook where it received a lot of love! After I received such a positive reception I decided to start making more personalised gifts in my spare time for friends and family. As I started to get more demand for my creations I gave up my job to pursue my dreams! and that's when i decided to make the big step and created The Customise Company 
I can assure you that all my gift are original and handmade with love. I love to create and make my ideas a reality and I love it even more when my customers want to get involved. So if you've got an idea in your head of exactly what you're looking for I would love to help you bring your ideas together and create unique gifts for your loved ones. Thank you for visiting my website and your support in making my dreams a reality.
Love, Lauren x